Wednesday 22 January 2014


Sometimes it's a fine line between what I want as an author and what I believe people want to read. I try and let the book lead me as I think it seems more natural and less forced that way. There is a natural direction for a story but the characters also have their own take on it. The author is like a director of a film. Try to see it from all angles and decide on the best one.
My third book is under way and I'm hearing voices already. Lol.

Monday 20 January 2014


A few copies have been sold and it's a nice feeling to know people are reading the words that came from my head, although slightly worrying too as people will realise what actually goes on in my head.

Monday 13 January 2014

All new

I've not done a blog before so I have no idea where this will go. Think this is what is called learning on the job. I wrote a book a while ago called 'A Far Reaching Dream' which was published last year. I have now finished the sequel called 'The Hidden Path Home' which will be out soon. This blog will be about my writing.

A Far Reaching Dream

A Far Reaching Dream was published January 2013. It is available on amazon, and

Kate Arlen is a beautiful young woman who has the whole of her life before her. She had been with her boyfriend for a number of years but tragically he, Pete Phillips, died in a car accident on the same night that Kate had confessed a secret to him. Kate tries hard to get on with her life but is held back because after a period of time Pete finds a way to enter her dreams, and it's whilst in one of her dreams she realises that Pete is trying to kill her, or so she thinks. Through another dream she finds out a family secret, something that comes back to help her later. Kate starts to find life a struggle and goes to see her Doctor. He recommends that she go to stay in a psychiatric hospital for a while just 'to rest'. It is whilst staying in the hospital that she meets someone who, unbeknown to her, helps unravel all the answers. One of the answers she finds through the family secret, but it's not that easy. There's still time for things to go wrong.