Wednesday 1 March 2017

Dipping ones toe

Most authors have one particular genre that they write. My first choice would be paranormal, something a little spooky I hope with a twist at the end. My first two books A FAR REACHING DREAM and THE HIDDEN PATH HOME were just so with a romance built in. CARD SCHOOL book number three was just paranormal. A boy stuck at a boarding school discovering a few secrets of the building where he lived. However for my next book I entered the world of chick-lit. I wrote as the first person, a lady called Emily who takes us on a journey of dating at 49 after 20 years of marriage. This book will be released soon, I promise. I have talked about it long enough. The pipeline is a long one for me with a vast range of books in the idea stage and some being written as we speak. After NOTE TO SELF will be a biography about one of my oldest friends Angie as she makes the difficult and emotional journey as a transgender person in today's society.
I have also written two different series of children's books with my wife Jade who is an early years teacher. So I will leave the single genre writing to the professionals and I will continue to dip my toe into the many genre ponds.!!

You keep reading and I'll keep writing.