Sunday 23 August 2020


 So, my first ghost writing project has been completed.

I have to say, I have enjoyed it and learnt a lot along the way. It is hard writing someone else's words in the way that they want them writing. We all say things differently. Thankfully for me, I have known Angie pretty much all my life. It was my idea to write a book on her experiences, thoughts and feelings when she was a he and trying to find the person within.

Can a person really be born in the wrong body? I don't know, that would be to say that God made a mistake, however knowing Angie as I have, from being a boy called Andy playing football in the street to the journey to full surgery in Dec 2019, I would say - read the book. Make you own mind up. In the notes, diaries, phone calls and messages, Angie has been extremely open and honest, and I have to say I have left no stone unturned getting the information to turn her life into a book.

A part of me feels sad that it is over. That book was written over four years, however, I have plenty of ideas for my own books. 

I completed a book during lockdown which has been sent out to agents so more on that later, suffice to say, it will be called 'BETWEEN THE TWO.'

I am also back on track with a detective series and another one set in a Yorkshire pit village in 1923. So the sound of typing away will be heard in the Andrew Milner Books office for some time to come.

Loving writing at the moment. 

Anyway order yourself a copy of Angie's book from Amazon in paperback or eBook, it's worth a read.

Plenty of books to come - keep reading. Andy