Friday 12 November 2021


Between the Two is now available. I wrote this book at the start of the first lockdown, a time when great uncertainty was met by a strange excitement of the country going into what was believed at the time to be a lockdown to last only a couple of weeks. We haven't experienced anything like it, certainly in my life time. The three week lockdown didn't happen and still now, over eighteen months later, it is headline news pretty much everyday. I am sick to death of hearing about it to be honest and whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated, I really couldn't care less. Live your life and don't worry about things out of your control.

I have to confess, as a writer, I don't read that many books. The number one rule as a writer is read as many books as you can. I fail at the first hurdle! This week BETWEEN THE TWO is finally available. Not sure why it took me so long to get it ready other than I felt a bit territorial about it. I really love this book, the thought that went into it and the whole process of writing it. I hope people enjoy reading it as much I did writing it.

I have been very busy lately and I am surprised that the long lasting light bulb in the Andrew Milner Books office is still alive. I have a big project that I am working on at the moment but will tell more of that when I can. I am working on a detective series which will be five books (three are finished) whilst also planning the next non-detective book so, it is busy busy....... Oh and I am working full time as well !! (I don't know how I find the time).

So whilst I spend my life in front of my computer forgive me for not getting excited about vaccinations and restrictions, but my brain is already over loaded.

News of the projects as well as my books can be found on my website

Keep smiling and keep reading because as long as you do I have an excuse to write. 


Take care


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