Tuesday 29 July 2014

How it all started.

During my youth I always made up stories.. I was going to be a famous rock star and I would write newspaper articles about myself and the world of rock and roll in which I lived. The actresses that I would date and the relationships I would have. I was in a few rock bands in my youth playing guitar and doing vocals, never as good as I maybe thought but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Once my kids started to come along I didn't have time for it and hung up my guitar and stopped writing songs. I remember one night sat at the computer and I started typing away.
It looked as though she was looking straight at him through the mirror, but that couldn’t be possible although it didn’t stop him moving out of the way. He felt uneasy, spooked almost and had slightly moved to one side. He watched her as she brushed her hair. She had had the same bedtime routine since he had met her. He remembered the very first night that he had slept at her house and how he had waited for her to finish her bedtime beauty treatments before she even thought about getting into bed. - (A Far Reaching Dream by Andrew Milner published January 2013)

I had no idea what I was doing or where the story was going but I typed the words that came into my head as though someone was dictating to me. Many months later I had a story before me. I read it, changed it, let a few friends read it and put it away in a drawer. Years later I found it after several house moves and I read it again. I enjoyed it and was slightly surprised that I had written it thinking that someone like me could not write a book.
I always loved English at school and my teacher Mrs. Lees for some reason made a huge impact on me and that is where my love of story writing came from. I would love for her to read a copy of my books now as I  give her a lot of credit for giving me the interest.

They say that everyone has a book in them somewhere, maybe I'm lucky (or greedy), I've had three with no.4 just finished and in the process of editing.
I love writing and take great joy from people enjoying my books and the worlds created in my mind. Long may it continue.

If you keep reading, I'll keep writing.