Friday 29 August 2014

Fact Or Fiction, It's All The Same, Isn't It?

Sometimes real life and fiction are not that far apart. When I write about a character I get to know them, they become a real person with thoughts and feelings and interact with the other characters. They live, they feel, they work, they have success and failures and on top of all of those they suffer hurt.

 I am the person that inflicts that hurt on them. I am their creator. I give them the thoughts, memories, things to say and do, I like the characters that I create and I want you to like them too.

 When my characters get hurt, whether it is physical or emotional hurt, it is me that inflicts that hurt on them. I do it without a thought and there's no come back. They just accept their fate and get on with it. Sometimes by the end of the book the pain has been forgotten and they come out on top.

 In real life, we inflict hurt on each other and sometimes it's not intentional. We have things to say which may come out wrong.

Even if it is you who hurts someone else you still experience some sort of hurt yet your feelings are not considered because we tend to sympathise more with the victim.

Usually we hit out at others because we are hurting ourselves, maybe in a different way but hurting all the same. 
I try and analyse people the same way that I do with my characters because I spend a lot of time with them. I also put myself in the spotlight a bit too often and analyse myself way too much under interrogation. A nice quiet and peaceful life seems so easy to achieve, yet we have the ability to destroy others people's feelings all too easily.

 My aim when I write a book is to give enjoyment, to draw people close and share my thoughts with them and for them to spend a part of their life in my world. I don't put myself on a pedestal by any stretch nor do I compare myself with God in any shape, way or form, but I am a creator. I give life and I take it away. I make people happy and sad, I hurt people and I heal them. In real life I am a mere person living in the world created by a far better author than I am.
Come and share my thoughts and live with them for a short time.

Keep reading and I will keep writing.


Tuesday 19 August 2014


Where to take my ideas is the question asked by me. I sometimes find it hard to think of myself as a writer as I just think of myself as me. I don't particularly think I'm clever and I don't particularly think I have a talent. I like to tell a story and I like those stories to come from my own imagination. I love it when people say they like reading them and I try to take on board any criticism offered. Authors say that you should write a book for the reader and not for yourself which I find hard because you might not want to read the stuff that I want to and vice-versa, however I hope we like the same stuff as I want to please and satisfy the people who read my books.

I have started to do something today never attempted before. I have started writing a script of A FAR REACHING DREAM. I believe that this along with its sequel would make a really good TV drama (yes I know I am biased therefore maybe my opinion probably doesn't count) and the people at the TV companies won't read a book and say "Yeh it's good," however they will read a script. This is my mission alongside writing my next book. No pressure then. !!

Anyway enough ramblings, my third book will hopefully be out in October for which the title will be revealed shortly, and I hope that it is good enough for you the reader as I know you like a good read.

I hope one day that you will watch a good TV drama and say, "I have read the book."

Keep on reading and I'll keep on writing.

Friday 8 August 2014

Getting into character

I am half way through editing my third book which will be out in about eight weeks hopefully but my attention has already been diverted to the next one. It's funny how your thoughts change when you take on a new character. Firstly in A FAR REACHING DREAM my main character Kate Arlen was a mid-20s business minded woman, intelligent and strong yet maybe a bit insecure when it came to love. Maybe this is what drove her to the arms of her boyfriend's brother and her best friend. I'll let you make your own mind up on that.

In THE HIDDEN PATH HOME which is a sequel to A Far Reaching Dream, the main character is Pete PHILLIPS. Fresh from a trip which he never expected to come back from he has to start rebuilding his life from scratch. At first he is a private person not sharing his free time with anyone until he meets Sam who replaces the love that he lost. Fairly quickly he falls in love and has a future, yet the past holds him back.

In book three who's title will be revealed shortly,  the main character is a child, thrust onto an uncaring family member. Scared and alone and he is thrown into an uncaring world where he can only rely on himself.

And now, I am having a complete change of everything and my brain and my writing imagination have already taken on another dimension. It's hard of course I won't pretend it's not, but I am really excited about the challenge that I have set myself for my next project. I will look forward to keeping my blog updated with the trials and tribulations that I will no doubt face on this journey.

I'll keep writing if you keep reading and together we'll make a dream team.