Friday 23 January 2015

First professional book review

I'm sure by now those who make new years resolutions have mostly quit them. What is it that makes us so sure that we can do things and change our lives just because it is a new year. I always try to be a nice person and help people not because it is January but because I am a human being and we have been put on this planet to look after it and help each other. It's not hard to be civil to each other.

This week I have received my first professional book review and was very pleased when the reviewer said it kept them hooked from the first page. Every author tries to grab hold of the reader and pull them into a world created in the author's head. I am no exception to that. The world of Michael Dawson is not a happy one, unwanted by his Aunt after the death of his parents and very much alone in the world he relies only on himself to get through in an environment alien to him. It is a huge compliment when someone believes in the world and characters that you create.

To watch the project come together is a truly amazing thing as ideas from my head transfer onto paper or word document and become part of a story that people will read. I am so grateful to people who buy my books and take time to read them.

Thank you.

Keep reading and I'll keep writing.




Tuesday 6 January 2015

New year

Well it's here again.... Another new year, another year older but another year wiser. Another world is being created in my mind and new characters are being born. Anyone of my characters could be real as when I write my books I try and create dramas in their lives. We all know someone who is just like that.. Going from one drama to another.... Just be grateful it's not you. If you want a drama, read a book, it's easier to let someone else have the drama, crisis, call it what you want... You enjoy the peace, let me create the drama for you to enjoy.

Keep reading, I'll keep writing.

Happy new year