Sunday 2 August 2015

Little things please little minds

As I say in the title Little things please little minds and this was confirmed for me when I got a follow from Sian Reeves on twitter. To have followers is a compliment in itself but a famous one is amazing. I am one happy boy.
I make no secret from enjoying writing books and although the search for a literary agent continues I still enjoy creating characters and stories in my head. Granted not everyone will like them which is why as most authors do, I have rejection emails filling my inbox but my enjoyment is what keeps me going. If I didn't enjoy it I wouldn't do it. The feeling when someone says "I really enjoyed that," when they have read one of my books is amazing.

Currently I am deciding whether to re-release my first two books as one book as when I wrote A FAR REACHING DREAM I had no idea that THE HIDDEN PATH HOME would be written. Although the books were written as standalone books I have to concede that The Hidden Path Home does refer to A Far reaching Dream a little bit.
I have started writing a script for A Far Reaching Dream as I would like to approach a drama maker as I think it would make a good two part drama and I must continue with this as it's so easy to get side tracked by life.

NOTE TO SELF which will be my next book is a new genre for me but more will be said in the next few months as I prepare that one for publication and in the mean time I continue to write another one following a lovely chap who is trying to rebuild his life after the death of his wife. Everyone loves a little bit of doom and gloom sometimes, however a happy ending usually helps to combat that.


If you keep reading I'll keep writing