Friday 26 June 2020

Writing during lockdown

This is something that we never expected. To be locked away in our homes is something none of us have ever experienced before. I was lucky enough to continue my life as normal with my job so haven't been hit as hard as others. It has only affected me on my rest days. However; I took to writing and actually finished my next book in 5 weeks! As yet I don't have a title but as soon as I do I will be sending it out to a few carefully chosen agents. I have also completed a ghost writing assignment which I have done over about three years. This book is an autobiography about Angie who had a male to female sex change believing that she was born in the wrong body. This has had its final edit and is now completed.

Ghost writing is a strange concept for me as I know I will get no credit for the time and effort I put into the book. Although the work is mine, the words however are not. The book was written from telephone conversations and diary entries
I have read the book a few times now and have enjoyed it. It should be out in the next month or so and it's called 'IT'S JUST A PHASE!'

I am now back writing my own and have loads of ideas.

I have a detective series already on the go. The first book is finished and the second one is being written now and I also have another story of a young girl living in a 1923 Yorkshire village.

The Andrew Milner Books office is a busy office at the moment and one which I hope will continue to be busy.

I will keep the updates coming as I go.
keep reading and I'll keep writing!