Thursday 12 June 2014


A funny title you may think and I agree it is. We are all people of one kind or another and we all like different things, we do different things and we react differently to all sorts of things. We have different memories and we even remember differently the events that we have shared with other people. We see things differently and describe things differently, yet we are all people. Surely, there are only so many things that you can do with 2 eyes, 2 ears a nose and a mouth and yet we all look different.

Recently I have been thinking about why we meet people and what impact they have on our lives. I am a big believer in 'things happen for a reason' and 'people come into our lives for a particular reason' and it may not always be the reason that we think.
I believe the answers are sometimes not obvious or even that we don't have them but we have to trust our instincts because without a book to guide us through life our instincts are all we have. We know what is best for us personally. A certain person may come into your life, mix it all up and go, leaving you wondering what the hell happened there.? Maybe one day the answer will become apparent, but stop looking for it, it will make itself known if we are meant to know. Dust yourself off, give the instincts a clean and set off again.

Life is like writing a book, you start with a blank piece of paper. You decide what you want and where you want to go and with whom you will do these things. Speaking from experience of writing my books, you quite happily carry on writing away building up your book which has become your life and then suddenly something is not right. This is the point that you must deal with it, because if you carry on thinking you will eventually get back on track you may not. If it isn't right. Stop and change it. This is your instinct telling you it is not right.

Characters come and go in my books and if they no longer serve a purpose it is time to get rid but they have played a part in the book getting to where it is going and the same thing applies in our lives. When someone leaves your life, they have played their part in getting you to where you are, whether a good place or bad, but it all makes you the person you have become. The characters in the books alive or dead have all played some part in the end of the book.

The people who are in your life right now, are meant to be there.

Keep reading - Andy

Sunday 1 June 2014

Keep going

I have been thinking recently, just who do I write books for and Why.? I have to confess I do enjoy writing. I like turning ideas in my head into journeys on paper that people read. However, would I continue to write if nobody read my books?. I suppose I probably would yes. In the same way that someone writes a diary, I feel the need to write my stories. It's almost like a compulsion to do it. I would stop short of calling it an addiction because I don't have to do it all the time but I can't leave it too long. I can't tell you how proud I feel of my work when someone enjoys it, and not just the polite 'yeh it's really good' I mean the one that you can tell really likes it as they discuss it with you. When I wrote my first book A FAR REACHING DREAM, I wrote it for myself. I had finished writing songs for the bands that I had been part of and needed some sort of stimulation to keep the juices flowing, so the answer to the question in that case is I wrote the first book for myself. The second one THE HIDDEN PATH HOME was written due to a lady called Carol who said you should write the next bit for A FAR REACHING DREAM so that was written for the reader. Now that I have other books in the pipeline I think I write for me as much as the reader because I enjoy it. The whole concept of my mind coming to a page which the reader then takes into their mind...It's fascinating. I love it. But I love the people more who take the time to read my books and actually part with their money in order to do so...That is the biggest compliment of all for which I am eternally grateful. Thankyou