Sunday, 1 June 2014

Keep going

I have been thinking recently, just who do I write books for and Why.? I have to confess I do enjoy writing. I like turning ideas in my head into journeys on paper that people read. However, would I continue to write if nobody read my books?. I suppose I probably would yes. In the same way that someone writes a diary, I feel the need to write my stories. It's almost like a compulsion to do it. I would stop short of calling it an addiction because I don't have to do it all the time but I can't leave it too long. I can't tell you how proud I feel of my work when someone enjoys it, and not just the polite 'yeh it's really good' I mean the one that you can tell really likes it as they discuss it with you. When I wrote my first book A FAR REACHING DREAM, I wrote it for myself. I had finished writing songs for the bands that I had been part of and needed some sort of stimulation to keep the juices flowing, so the answer to the question in that case is I wrote the first book for myself. The second one THE HIDDEN PATH HOME was written due to a lady called Carol who said you should write the next bit for A FAR REACHING DREAM so that was written for the reader. Now that I have other books in the pipeline I think I write for me as much as the reader because I enjoy it. The whole concept of my mind coming to a page which the reader then takes into their mind...It's fascinating. I love it. But I love the people more who take the time to read my books and actually part with their money in order to do so...That is the biggest compliment of all for which I am eternally grateful. Thankyou


  1. As one of your readers, the why doesn't matter as much to me as long as you're doing it. Loved your first two books and I'm waiting eagerly for your third. Now that Katie's done with I'm really interested to see where you go next. You've been rather quiet about book three so far so hopefully there might be some teasers soon. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing it.

    1. Caron, apologies I have only just seen your message. Book three is in progress and I'm not entirely sure myself where it is going.. I appreciate your comments.