Sunday 12 July 2020

Busy times in the office!

It has been a strange few months for the country, not to mention the whole world. We have all coped with an extreme change to our way of life which will effect us for years to come. Queuing at shops and supermarkets has become the norm. Missing out on the Wetherspoons breakfasts and Costa coffees when we pop into town has become a way of life, although these are back now! 
People can start moaning again about not wanting to go to work now that they're actually at work.
At Andrew Milner Books, lockdown for me hasn't really been an issue. My job has carried on as normal but due to the lack of the breakfasts and Costas, I haven't been going into town so I spent the time writing. My next book is finished and aside of the final edit, it is ready to start finding its way to agents. I wrote the book in six weeks from planning to final draft. That for me is amazing as I get so easily distracted.
I will keep putting out updates when I have more news but 'BETWEEN THE TWO' is finished and I am really pleased with it.
I have also had the opportunity to fulfil my first assignment as a ghost-writer. This is not writing about ghosts but writing a book where someone else is listed as the author. The formatting and editing was a learning curve for me but I am happy with the results and IT'S JUST A PHASE! will be out on the 24th August. This is the story of Angie who realised she was born in the wrong body. The book is written from her diaries and conversations between us and tells how her struggle formed her into the person that she is today. I am really proud to have worked on this book and I know Angie is extremely happy with the results.
Anyway, I am back to other book ideas and will no doubt tell you when 'BETWEEN THE TWO' is going to make an appearance.

Stay safe.