Monday 28 April 2014

Soldier on and keep smiling

Well there's me thinking the hardest part of writing a book is thinking of the title. Well actually it is, however my third book is proving to be something of a challenge too.
When I started out I had a rough chapter guide of what I wanted to happen and a few character ideas then I started writing. And I continued writing. Last week I looked at the chapter outline which looks nothing like the draft of the book. I will have to reign myself in and try and mould the two together. It's hard though because what you want to happen and the place where the characters and the book take you are very different, but I guess rather than just writing, I should listen too.
I will in due time announce the title of the book, but I gotta have some secrets guys !!!!

Thursday 10 April 2014


We all seem to get bogged down in things, things which sometimes in the grand scheme aren't that important. We have aches and pains and headaches and general feelings of being unwell, coughs, colds and can't be bothered syndrome. I get annoyed when I experience one of my many writing blocks and figuratively speaking bang my head against a brick wall. How much worse must it be for the real poorly people, the ones who have awful things to live with, conditions that cannot be controlled, diseases that spread and ultimately kill but all things that affect their day to day lives and stop them doing what I take for granted.

As I continue to write another chapter of my third book and bash my head against the metaphorical wall when things don't flow, I remind myself, it can always be worse. I have my health and my brain works perfectly normal (in most cases), and I work full time, I have my house and my kids. Count the blessings time I think...

Anyway, back to my writing... think on people !!

Monday 7 April 2014

Broadening my horizons

I have ventured into unknown territory recently by writing my first children's book. I will not give the title out yet or the subject but it has started its journey to the agent so my fingers are crossed on this. I think writing for children is harder than writing for adults due to the lower range of vocabulary that is available to you and people who know me will confirm that my adult vocabulary isn't all that varied lol... I have been told by a friend who knows more about children's books than I do ( I've only had a couple of kids, she has 30 every day) that it is good so I hope that she is right on this one. I will no doubt include any response from the agent in a future blog so will keep you updated. Meanwhile, if you're bored, have a read of my website lol.

Friday 4 April 2014

I'm only the writer !!

How strange it is that a book has it's own ideas. When I started planning my third book, I jotted down a few notes added a few ideas and thought of a character or two. 
The book as I write it is taking me to places I didn't want it to go and as hard as I have tried to steer it in the way I want it to go I am losing. I have now decided to let it take me... Oh dear, anything could happen !!!