Thursday, 10 April 2014


We all seem to get bogged down in things, things which sometimes in the grand scheme aren't that important. We have aches and pains and headaches and general feelings of being unwell, coughs, colds and can't be bothered syndrome. I get annoyed when I experience one of my many writing blocks and figuratively speaking bang my head against a brick wall. How much worse must it be for the real poorly people, the ones who have awful things to live with, conditions that cannot be controlled, diseases that spread and ultimately kill but all things that affect their day to day lives and stop them doing what I take for granted.

As I continue to write another chapter of my third book and bash my head against the metaphorical wall when things don't flow, I remind myself, it can always be worse. I have my health and my brain works perfectly normal (in most cases), and I work full time, I have my house and my kids. Count the blessings time I think...

Anyway, back to my writing... think on people !!

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