Tuesday 24 November 2020

So, what's been happening in the Andrew Milner Books office?

So, what have we been up to at the Andrew Milner Books office? 

In June, I blogged about writing a book in five weeks during the first lockdown. This book is called ‘Between the Two’.  Currently this book is being sent out to literary agents so that is why it is quiet on that front at the moment. 

I also had my first ghost writing assignment which had been a four-year project. It’s Just a Phase! Was Angie’s story about being born in the wrong body. The story of her life up to and including gender reassignment surgery. This book is available on Amazon and is well worth a read. 

From there I decided I wanted to create my own detective series. Everyone has an opinion on which literary detective is the best one, and which one on TV is our favourite. In truth, we all remember watching them, Taggart, Frost, Agatha Christie. there is far too many to name. I am not suggesting that my detective will be in that calibre of crime solving sleuths, but I have enjoyed doing this. I am aiming for five books in the series and I am currently writing number three; again, another reason why I have not been too vocal about what I am doing. I am also in the process of sending the first book
of the series to literary agents.

So, whilst it appears that I am not doing anything, I can say in all honestly, I am in the office far more than ever before. I have never written so much!!

Just remember, there is no safer place on earth than having your head in a book.

Stay safe everyone and keep smiling.

Take care