Friday 5 March 2021

POST-COVID. A whole new world.

 I have never known the news only focus on one subject. I am coming up fifty years old and have seen this country go to war, and get involved in other conflicts across the globe. But I have never known the news for a whole year only report on one issue. It scares me that there are things going on in this world that we do not know about. Whatever your views on COVID, please look after one another. Mental Health is the biggest threat to this country at the moment. We need to be kind to each other, not attack people for having a differing view to our own.

I often ponder things as I sit and look out of my office window. I wonder what other people are doing right now. One thought excites me, what if someone somewhere in the world is reading one of my books right now? How amazing is that? Like Queen playing Wembley. 1986; thousands of people clapping at the same time to Radio Gaga.. can you imagine how Roger Taylor felt? playing his own song and everyone joining in.

I have recently updated the covers of my first two books, A FAR REACHING DREAM and THE HIDDEN PATH HOME. I just wanted to have more involvement with my own books. I honestly spend hours in my office writing. I have many ideas and switch between them all making sure I still think it is a viable idea for a book. Right now, I have put everything else on hold whilst I concentrate on my crime series. My friends who have been kind enough to read my first two books of the series have good things to say, so hopefully one day they will find their way onto your bookshelves.

Covid believer or not, please don't become one of those nasty people that this virus has created, you all know what I'm talking about. We have freedom in this country to believe what we want and express it. Let's not lose sight of that. 

Hopefully one day life will be normal...I can't see it happening just yet, but get a brew and a book and chill out. And in the words of Jerry Springer, 'take care of yourself, and each other'.