Monday 28 December 2020

So, 2020 is drawing to a close. I have never been thankful for something so much, however, 2021 seems as though it will be more of the same. 

I don't want to talk about Covid because quite honestly, I'm sick to death of hearing about it. The news is anything but the news now, I cannot believe there is nothing else happening in this world right now that we have to fill every single news bulletin with Covid related items.

So there I am banging on about it without intention.

Charlie and Poppy, the Andrew Milner Books mascots have been working hard and as you can see they have taken some time off to rest.

I have just finished planning my next book so the first two words that seem so far from the end have been put in place; Chapter One. I am hoping to write this book within the next couple of months as the planning is the hardest part, I think. 

I have three books currently finished which are finding their way round a few agents, so fingers crossed there. It is very hard to get an agent these days as firstly there are so many writers now who bombard the poor agents with hundreds of submissions each and every week; and secondly, in this world of uncertainty, it is easier to stay with their list of current writers who are proven in the world of book sales. But then. you never know, JK Rowling was rejected several times by agents and publishers who must have kicked themselves severely since firing that, not for us at this time letter.

Anyway, I have a book to write which I will blog about more towards the end. Also, look after each other; one thing I have come to realise in this odd existence is that people's mental health is getting worse and on top of the access to help being restricted, we can't even go to the pub with our friends for a drink and a chat, this is cutting off essential help for people. Last week a lovely man who I know through work decided he'd had enough. It is so sad to know people get so low without reaching out; so keep an eye on each other.

Time to write now.

I wish you all a very happy new year from the Andrew Milner Books office. #andrewmilnerbooks

Tuesday 24 November 2020

So, what's been happening in the Andrew Milner Books office?

So, what have we been up to at the Andrew Milner Books office? 

In June, I blogged about writing a book in five weeks during the first lockdown. This book is called ‘Between the Two’.  Currently this book is being sent out to literary agents so that is why it is quiet on that front at the moment. 

I also had my first ghost writing assignment which had been a four-year project. It’s Just a Phase! Was Angie’s story about being born in the wrong body. The story of her life up to and including gender reassignment surgery. This book is available on Amazon and is well worth a read. 

From there I decided I wanted to create my own detective series. Everyone has an opinion on which literary detective is the best one, and which one on TV is our favourite. In truth, we all remember watching them, Taggart, Frost, Agatha Christie. there is far too many to name. I am not suggesting that my detective will be in that calibre of crime solving sleuths, but I have enjoyed doing this. I am aiming for five books in the series and I am currently writing number three; again, another reason why I have not been too vocal about what I am doing. I am also in the process of sending the first book
of the series to literary agents.

So, whilst it appears that I am not doing anything, I can say in all honestly, I am in the office far more than ever before. I have never written so much!!

Just remember, there is no safer place on earth than having your head in a book.

Stay safe everyone and keep smiling.

Take care




Sunday 23 August 2020


 So, my first ghost writing project has been completed.

I have to say, I have enjoyed it and learnt a lot along the way. It is hard writing someone else's words in the way that they want them writing. We all say things differently. Thankfully for me, I have known Angie pretty much all my life. It was my idea to write a book on her experiences, thoughts and feelings when she was a he and trying to find the person within.

Can a person really be born in the wrong body? I don't know, that would be to say that God made a mistake, however knowing Angie as I have, from being a boy called Andy playing football in the street to the journey to full surgery in Dec 2019, I would say - read the book. Make you own mind up. In the notes, diaries, phone calls and messages, Angie has been extremely open and honest, and I have to say I have left no stone unturned getting the information to turn her life into a book.

A part of me feels sad that it is over. That book was written over four years, however, I have plenty of ideas for my own books. 

I completed a book during lockdown which has been sent out to agents so more on that later, suffice to say, it will be called 'BETWEEN THE TWO.'

I am also back on track with a detective series and another one set in a Yorkshire pit village in 1923. So the sound of typing away will be heard in the Andrew Milner Books office for some time to come.

Loving writing at the moment. 

Anyway order yourself a copy of Angie's book from Amazon in paperback or eBook, it's worth a read.

Plenty of books to come - keep reading. Andy

Sunday 12 July 2020

Busy times in the office!

It has been a strange few months for the country, not to mention the whole world. We have all coped with an extreme change to our way of life which will effect us for years to come. Queuing at shops and supermarkets has become the norm. Missing out on the Wetherspoons breakfasts and Costa coffees when we pop into town has become a way of life, although these are back now! 
People can start moaning again about not wanting to go to work now that they're actually at work.
At Andrew Milner Books, lockdown for me hasn't really been an issue. My job has carried on as normal but due to the lack of the breakfasts and Costas, I haven't been going into town so I spent the time writing. My next book is finished and aside of the final edit, it is ready to start finding its way to agents. I wrote the book in six weeks from planning to final draft. That for me is amazing as I get so easily distracted.
I will keep putting out updates when I have more news but 'BETWEEN THE TWO' is finished and I am really pleased with it.
I have also had the opportunity to fulfil my first assignment as a ghost-writer. This is not writing about ghosts but writing a book where someone else is listed as the author. The formatting and editing was a learning curve for me but I am happy with the results and IT'S JUST A PHASE! will be out on the 24th August. This is the story of Angie who realised she was born in the wrong body. The book is written from her diaries and conversations between us and tells how her struggle formed her into the person that she is today. I am really proud to have worked on this book and I know Angie is extremely happy with the results.
Anyway, I am back to other book ideas and will no doubt tell you when 'BETWEEN THE TWO' is going to make an appearance.

Stay safe.

Friday 26 June 2020

Writing during lockdown

This is something that we never expected. To be locked away in our homes is something none of us have ever experienced before. I was lucky enough to continue my life as normal with my job so haven't been hit as hard as others. It has only affected me on my rest days. However; I took to writing and actually finished my next book in 5 weeks! As yet I don't have a title but as soon as I do I will be sending it out to a few carefully chosen agents. I have also completed a ghost writing assignment which I have done over about three years. This book is an autobiography about Angie who had a male to female sex change believing that she was born in the wrong body. This has had its final edit and is now completed.

Ghost writing is a strange concept for me as I know I will get no credit for the time and effort I put into the book. Although the work is mine, the words however are not. The book was written from telephone conversations and diary entries
I have read the book a few times now and have enjoyed it. It should be out in the next month or so and it's called 'IT'S JUST A PHASE!'

I am now back writing my own and have loads of ideas.

I have a detective series already on the go. The first book is finished and the second one is being written now and I also have another story of a young girl living in a 1923 Yorkshire village.

The Andrew Milner Books office is a busy office at the moment and one which I hope will continue to be busy.

I will keep the updates coming as I go.
keep reading and I'll keep writing!