Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Where to take my ideas is the question asked by me. I sometimes find it hard to think of myself as a writer as I just think of myself as me. I don't particularly think I'm clever and I don't particularly think I have a talent. I like to tell a story and I like those stories to come from my own imagination. I love it when people say they like reading them and I try to take on board any criticism offered. Authors say that you should write a book for the reader and not for yourself which I find hard because you might not want to read the stuff that I want to and vice-versa, however I hope we like the same stuff as I want to please and satisfy the people who read my books.

I have started to do something today never attempted before. I have started writing a script of A FAR REACHING DREAM. I believe that this along with its sequel would make a really good TV drama (yes I know I am biased therefore maybe my opinion probably doesn't count) and the people at the TV companies won't read a book and say "Yeh it's good," however they will read a script. This is my mission alongside writing my next book. No pressure then. !!

Anyway enough ramblings, my third book will hopefully be out in October for which the title will be revealed shortly, and I hope that it is good enough for you the reader as I know you like a good read.

I hope one day that you will watch a good TV drama and say, "I have read the book."

Keep on reading and I'll keep on writing.


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