Thursday, 8 September 2016

Oh, It is hard work !!!!

The best thing ever as a writer is when someone says something positive about your work. It's so easy sometimes to get disheartened when things don't go as planned... Trying to get an agent for a start it's not just hard but damn impossible. Nobody is interested in taking a gamble on an unknown writer.

Also finding your genre is hard. My first two books were both paranormal romance, the third was paranormal yet my next one which will be called NOTE TO SELF is a chick-lit. Written as first person it follows Emily as she approaches 50 and her husband leaves her. She has to get back into the dating game and after dating some strange men, she has a decision to make. Hopefully its release will be by the end of the year... I have also written children's books and I am now about to embark on a biography of a male to female transgender patient... I'm not sure sticking to one particular genre will suit me because writing gives me an opportunity to be whoever I want to be whenever I want.

I am also a trustee of a charity called Purple Owl which raises awareness of Epilepsy, a true honour as my wife founded it.
Anyway back to my original point someone said to me the other day; I have read loads of books, some fantastic, some not but yours are just as good as most. Compliment? I certainly think so.

Keep reading, I'll keep writing !!

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