Thursday, 26 February 2015


I had a great childhood despite my dad leaving when I was about 7. My mum did a fantastic job of bringing up me and my sister. She worked part-time and sacrificed a lot to provide for us. I would only see my dad on a weekend. The thing for me that stands out in my childhood is the area where I grew up. I lived at the top end of Pudsey in Leeds, West Yorkshire and a five minute walk from Fulneck. We would play in the countryside all day disappearing first thing and coming back in the evening.
We played football, cricket, hide and seek or just chilled out at the side of the Fulneck golf course. There was a farm at the top of our street that had a mini railway and we would go up in summer and have rides around the fields which would then go under a tunnel. There was a horse in the field called Dandini and a donkey called Patrick. We would do beck jumping down Fulneck valley of which I write about in A FAR REACHING DREAM and THE HIDDEN PATH HOME. Even in CARD SCHOOL I write about playing frisbee down Fulneck Valley something which I did with my own children.

I know I was very lucky to live my childhood where I did and feel sadness for others who had a bad childhood.

We only get one crack at life so why don't we enjoy it? There are some true hidden gems in this country and Fulneck was mine. It will stay a huge part of me for the rest of my life.

I will blog next time about my new book that I am writing.

Keep reading and I'll keep writing.



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