Thursday, 9 April 2015


So I have finished writing my fourth book. It will be called NOTE TO SELF. It is about Emily a soon to be fifty year old. After twenty years of marriage her husband left her for another woman. She not only had to deal with that but the loss her dad who she worshipped. I have tried to capture every emotion in writing this book. So as I start my first read through and editing session of which there will be a few, I now start to think of another idea for my next book. I have characters in my head all the time but trying to find where they will fit into stories is another matter. I enjoyed so much writing about Fulneck and Pudsey which are in Leeds in A FAR REACHING DREAM and THE HIDDEN PATH HOME that I may return there for my next one. Indeed in CARD SCHOOL there are elements of Pudsey in that too. Pudsey was my childhood and a place where I feel at home when I visit. It has everything and in THE HIDDEN PATH HOME I relived the old tales told to me as a child about Greenside Tunnel. There are other myths and tales from my childhood which may get a mention or two once I have found the characters to do them justice.

I tried hard to make NOTE TO SELF amusing alongside the serious emotions and once you read the sort of things her mum and friends come out with I hope you'll agree. It's hard to leave characters behind when you spend so much time with them but new ones have to be born.

You keep reading and I'll keep writing.

Here's a picture over Fulneck taken from the Bankhouse Pub, Pudsey.

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